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What We Do

Professional Publishing Services

Fervent Glow supports authors throughout the publishing process, offering expertise, resources, and infrastructure to bring books to market successfully.

Acquisition and Evaluation

Fervent Glow Publishing will review manuscripts or proposals submitted by authors to determine their potential for publication. We also assess the quality, marketability, and alignment with the publisher's catalog or the audience.

Design and Formatting

Fervent Glow Publishing in cooperation with the author, designs aspects of the book, which may includes cover design, interior layout, and formatting. We will create an aesthetically appealing, reader-friendly final product.

Sales, Royalties and Rights Management

Fervent Glow Publishing manages sales channels, collect revenue, handle royalty payments from book sales based on contractual agreements with authors. Handling of the licensing and management of various rights associated with the book, including translation rights, film adaptation rights, and distribution rights in different formats or territories are also our roles in assistance.

Editing and Proofreading

Fervent Glow Publishing provides professional editorial services, including copy editing, line editing, and proofreading to refine and improve the manuscript's content, language, and structure.

Printing, Production and Distribution

Fervent Glow Publishing oversees the printing and production processes, managing the physical creation of books or other printed materials using various printing technologies and methods. We also assist by handling  the distribution of books to retailers, wholesalers, libraries, and online platforms. Management of  logistics to ensure books reach the intended markets efficiently is also a practice that we perform.

Marketing and Promotion

Fervent Glow Publishing often engages in marketing and promotional activities to raise awareness of the book, including advertising, publicity campaigns, author events, and leveraging various marketing channels.

What Our Clients Say

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Mark, Author

I am so happy I found Fervent Glow Publishing Company. I have written many manuscripts and did not trust anyone with them until I came across this publishing company. They are fair and have the right connections for my book to be seen, which is what I want. Thank you again. This is a dream come true, literally.
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