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Newly Released Children's Book

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About the CEO

My name is Joss  Brooks. I'm a nurse, mom, writer and a publisher. I have a passion for writing. I never took it serious until I began to make books for children as gifts. The feedback that I received made me realize that the world would benefit greatly from reading my books. When I tried to get my books published I ran into so many road blocks that I decided to make my own table since, I was being denied a seat at someone else's table. 


Hence, the beginning of Fervent Glow Publishing Company, LLC. I created a great space to have your writings, books, short stories, and other types of reading material published. We are the underdogs in the big bad world of publishing company corporations but, that does not mean we should not be heard.


I went from writing for fun to totally believing that I could write for other people to learn and enjoy my stories. Then, taking it a step further to actually trying to help other's like me get their works out of the notebook, phone and/or laptop and into a bookstore. Contact me to discuss your project so that we can get you published for the world to see. Be Brave!

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Book is Amazing! I loved every part and page of this book. This is definitely a great read for children! As a new mom I’ll definitely be introducing this book to my daughter!❤️❤️❤️

M. Cole,

New Mom

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